About Your Condominium Association

The Del Rey Condominium Association Board of Directors ARE NOT PAID STAFF. These are condominium owners who care about this community and want to protect the investments of all condominium owners. The Board of Directors want to provide a safe, enjoyable community that we can all be proud of.

It takes all of us to help make this happen. Here are some things you can to do help:

Condominium Association Rules

  1. Please adhere to all Condominium Association rules. Many rules are based upon City of Orlando Municipal Ordinances and/or Florida Statutes. So, if you intend to violate a rule, please know that you may also be violating an applicable local or state law that can be enforced by City of Orlando Code Enforcement or law enforcement.
  2. Keep common areas clean. Common areas are areas shared by all residents to include the walkway to your front door, community facilities, sidewalks, mailboxes and roadways. Keeping the property clean can become very expensive. We need everyone's help in order to keep costs (and your monthly dues) down.
  3. Pool passes are required to use the pool. Please contact the Community Association manager to obtain a pool pass. Only two (2) guests are allowed per pool pass. Pool parties must be approved by the Community Association manager. Pool passes keep unauthorized people from using our facilities and keeps the cost of maintaining these facilities down.
  4. Park in designated parking spaces. If you do not know your designated parking space, please contact the Community Association manager. Parking in an unauthorized area can get your car towed. Airport Towing routinely patrols the property and is authorized to tow vehicles that are violating Association rules without warning.
  5. Do not hang clothing off of balconies, rails, etc. Clothes lines are not permitted on balconies.
  6. KEEP SHOPPING CARTS OFF PROPERTY. Please keep our community looking beautiful by moving shopping carts to the side walk along Curry Ford Road. Removing a shopping cart from a store is considered grand theft because the value of the cart is several hundreds of dollars. You could be stopped by police and arrested and charged with a felony crime for being in possession of stolen property.
  7. Improvements must be approved. Screen or glass patio enclosures must be approved by the Del Rey Condominium Association. Any other work that may affect the exterior of your condominium unit must be approved by the Del Rey Condominium Association and/or may also require a building permit from the City of Orlando. Please contact the Community Association Manager before making renovations to your condominium unit.
  8. Keep It Quiet - Our buildings are very close together and this makes noise travel great distances. Please turn down music when driving onto or around the community. If loud noise bothers you at any time of the day or night, call the Orlando Police Department at 321-235-5300.

Your Monthly Association Dues

The Del Rey Condominium Association is also responsible to manage the budget of the Association. The following describes, at a high level, how your Association dues are distributed:

  1. Insurance - most of the Association fees go to insurance costs.
  2. Landscaping, pool care, janitorial and routine building maintenance.
  3. Management Fees - We pay Hara Management, Inc to manage the property and maintain the accounting books.
  4. Reserves as required by Florida Statutes. We must save money in order to be able to respond to emergency situations such as hurricane and other sever weather damage as well as roof replacement, pavement resurfacing and building structural maintenance.
  5. Other Miscellaneous costs such as phone bill, power bill, water bill and supplies.

Complete budget information can be obtained from the Community Association Managemement company. Owners receive a copy of the budget annually.

Association Meetings

The Del Rey Condominium Association meets several times per year and is required to meet at least once quarterly by law. Meetings take place on property unless otherwise posted. All Del Rey Condominium residents (Renters and Owners) are welcome and are encouraged to attend meetings, ask questions and learn about Condominium Association activity.

Check our Calendar of Events for the next scheduled meeting or call the Community Association manager for more information.